Ewa Ferdynus is a young Polish photographer. Arts University Bournemouth graduate with BA (Hons) degree in Commercial Photography. She moved to London full of hope to work with other creative minds.

She is specialising in portraiture, documentary and reportage. Although she would like to work in film, television, music and theatre industry, she seizes every opportunity that comes across her career path.

She worked with:


Recent achievements:

  • Group exhibition at Hoxton Arches, ''Edit 54.'', 2018

  • Shortlisted in Best Student Photographer category for Student Publication Associatation Awards 2018, UK

  • Group exhibition at Poole Lighthouse, ''After the Show is Over'', 2018

  • Group exhibition at Arts University Bournemouth, Northwest Gallery, ''After the Show is Over'', 2017

  • Awarded Best Student Photographer for Student Publication Associatation Awards 2017, UK

  • Group exhibiton at National Museum in Cracow, ''Sztuka Teraz'', December 2016, Cracow, Poland